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-It is an ideal tool for use while traveling.
-It is easy and safefy
-It strong enough to overcome the hard work.
-Super bright light allows you to see things done easily.
-It battery-powered.
-Unwanted hair, cuts to micro precision.
-Cutting the hair unwanted ear and nose is the ideal tool for thinning of mustache and beard perfectly solution.

How to use:
The Micro Touch Max is always personal care contemporary man, which aims to make it look like to be kept and razor, beard, mustache thinning and It is a device that facilitates shaving needs.
Today, many men Micro Touch Max ' i do shave his neck; smooth favorites, slim and edit equal length, the eyebrows, the hairs on the back, the arms, the fingers in the nose to make it appear to tidy the hair in the ears in bulk and diluted and uses to look groomed as freshly barber.
Using this thinner, your thinning just about everything that comes to mind It is possible.
Micro Touch Max has a strong engine and an integrated light.
makes it possible for you to seeing easily each job you so doing, and while the thinning işlerim, the feathers can not get back allows you to follow easily that remain.
Micro Touch Max's size, about a ball relevant figures that are up.
While Accordingly travel, you can easily move in travel your bag or your shaving kit bag.
Blade, because it is in micro-slots, contact and touching your skin is completely safe and secure.

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